Laminating Woes, Must Be Monday..

(this bunny greeting card is blank and ready for Easter!)

Though, technically, most of the woes were yesterday. I bought a laminator with the hope that I could use it for my bookmarks; but alas said laminator did not come with a "Carrier" and the only way to get one is to pay ridiculous shipping charges. So today the laminator went back to the store. I will continue the search for a laminator that comes with what I need, everything I need. Carriers make the laminators last longer and help maintain a stiffness when laminating small items together in one large sheet. They help the laminate not get jammed as well. Why they would be so impossible to find baffles me, but so do a lot of things lately.

Other than my laminating woes, Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day. We went hiking and really being outside, in the woods with no coats necessary. A butterfly followed us for a little while, everything was really calming. Today the rain came and I'm really hoping it doesn't stay long.

How was your weekend?

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Anna said...

I love the thought of the butterfly following you along on your walk. It's so special when they do that, and calming and peaceful for sure.


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