The Meetup: JUNE !!

June has arrived and I am overwhelming myself with all the things I need to get done this month. I subcategorized my list this time, but first let's go over how May went.

May Goals:

1. Set International shipping for bookmarks - DONE!

2. Make first e-newsletter, figure out how to get subscribers - Not Yet.
3. Get photos printed, framed and ready for hanging at Liquid Lunch by June 1st. - Well, I've ordered the frames and mats, but neither have come in and this is getting more complicated. I'm going to try and arrange for a new date to set up, hopefully in July. 
4. List graphic design services on Etsy - I don't know why I haven't gotten to this yet, I won't take long.
5. Figure out pricing and start offering Ad space on this blog, not through Project Wonderful (which is not so wonderful). - Done, although no one has taken me up on this yet. Click Here for Info!

6. Start posting more about Matt's art and get at least one listing of his work into the store - Half done, the sprained ankle has kept me from photographing his work for the store. See Matt's paintings here!
7. Sign up for Vimeo and work on a vlog or two (possibly for here, but also for Nowhere Nerds) - Done, but nothing is up there yet.

8. Post more regularly at Nowhere Nerds - this is continuing. I've been trying to post more there, in fact our first letterbox is up and ready to be found, but the ankle has distracted me a lot from adventure planning.  More coming soon though as we will be adventuring very soon!


So May wasn't too terrible, I did get a lot done that wasn't on the list like a new logo for fallenpeach and another photo shoot for Milford Living Magazine. And so let June commence with sub-categorized to do lists and insanity in my next blog post! I have to split this, it's just too long!

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