Craft Fairs: Milford Oyster Festival

Last Saturday we set up our tent on the green in Milford, CT for the Milford Oyster Festival. Ever since I was little I've attended this fair every year. They shut down the streets and thousands of people attend for crafts, food, music and more. It's always a fun time.

This year, we were super lucky and had the most beautiful weather we've had in years for this event. There was a perfect breeze and clouds came in to block the direct sunlight halfway through the day. It was my first year as a vendor at this fair and we had a pretty steady stream of people coming into our tent.

 Because it was our first real outdoor fair (the last one it rained two hours in so our display had to be changed) our display was different from our usual indoor display. We had much more space and a few new products. Our newest display piece was the room divider you see above. On it we hung framed photography, a charcoal drawing of Judy Garland by Matt as well as some of his paintings. I really like how the display looked and will definitely be using it again for both indoor and outdoor shows.

Another new piece was this print rack that I bought last minute at Jerry's Artorama. And boy am I glad I did. Browsers were constantly flicking through my prints and making delightful comments about them. Several times people found an image they liked and then came in to the tent to see if it was available in a smaller size.

This table was at the back and we sat or stood behind it. From left to right : Bookmark spinner rack, small sale bookmark box, packaged greeting card sets, small prints of Matt's illustrations (in the store soon!), and single and sets of magnets. In the background you can see another of Matt's charcoal drawings -this time of Hiro from Heroes.

On this table we featured two of Matt's gorgeous paintings, halloween greeting cards, boxes of smaller sized prings and boxes of greeting cards. A few hours into the day we switched this display around though. We moved the boxes of greeting cards to the front and the Halloween cards further inside the tent. This worked wonderfully for more browsers.

Overall it was a really beautiful day. I loved talking to customers, seeing old friends and promoting our products. The big sellers of the day were bookmarks and magnets, which was interesting. We never know what the big seller will be when we arrive at a show.

Sunday we spent a lot of time doing nothing as a reward for our constant work over the past couple weeks and it felt good.

How was your weekend?

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